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Big Change

I want to shift this to primarily a resources site 🙂 Like… not so much a blog, but just a central zone for scheduling appointments, downloading books, seeing images, listening to songs, posting to the Read more…

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Luke J

Luke J

$1 Patron

"I’m a patron to two other YouTubers and you’re the only one that actually responds to a message. Even though you have more patrons than both of them combined and I’m in the lowest tier. Yet you’re the one they call an asshole."

Elena A

Elena A

Glasgow, Scotland

"You are such a genuine person and your videos make me laugh. I know my $5 a month contribution isn't a ton but I did what I could to support you. You are one of the very few real people left in this world. Thank you for your content."

Jennifer E

Jennifer E

$2 Patron

"I’m fairly new to patreon and am genuinely impressed with how much Onison engages with his fans. He literally replies to almost all the comments and private messages and is constantly uploading content that REALLY is exclusive to us. I’ve heard and seen proof of other people on patreon that really don’t put out what they offer and hardly respond to their fans/supporters/viewers."

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