Just finished the Dog Thoughts, about to upload. It's flucking lit.

New Dog Thoughts on Patreon tonight, a day or so after on YouTube 🙂

Hey Discord Level 5+! Will be there in a moment! 😛

So thaaaaat’s why everyone hates me. Oooooohhhhhhh.

Level 5+ Discord today at 4pm - In other news, are any of you also having a totally messed up day?

A patron posted this to the Onision Patreon community page!!! Ahhh!!

Replied to all your messages on Patreon. If you didn't get a reply through some glitch or something, just write me again with "HEY! COME ON MAN!? WHY!?" also happy birthday to @SpookyCoo, the version of @BeccaCopsicle I actually like.

Happy birthday to a long time patron/off and on again friend of mine @BeccaCopsicle

Yes, this is a loaded tweet, and it's hilarious.

Just removed two haters from my Patreon. They were both paying $12 to be there. I will never understand this level of obsession or insanity.

I can confirm, TurboTax is definitely the fucking devil:

Just so you guys know, you can't pay me to put up with harassment. If you pledge to me and you harass me or other patrons you will be reported & blocked.

Quality of life/Happiness > Your single pledge.

...not sure what sane person would pledge to someone they hated anyway.

If you want your kid to grow up a jerk. Be a jerk to them.
If you want your kid to grow up kind. Be kind to them.
No hitting. No yelling. Just kindness, understanding & honest/hardy structure.

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